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Feb. 28th, 2013 @ 05:19 pm Sydney Polyamory to go Formal?
A bunch of Sydney Poly diehards have been considering for some time the merits of creating a legal entity to support the activities of Sydney Poly. This thinking has mostly been driven by the potential legal risk we run, individually and collectively, should someone wish to sue us because of an 'adverse event' at one of our activities. We've had a look at options for incorporation (we prefer the Associations Incorporation Act, although the Co-operatives Act got a good shake), and we'd like to get input from the broader poly community in Sydney and beyond. We're looking at adapting the model rules to suit our needs, particularly re. membership and governance, and incorporating some of the principles underpinning the Co-operatives Act.

Are you interested to participate in creating those rules (constitution)?  We'd love to hear from you.  Contact Damon (parashiva@hotmail.com ~ www.facebook.com/Polyamory ~ 0438898183) or Neridah (neridahllewellyn@gmail.com ~ www.facebook.com/neridahl ~ 0405803722) for how to get involved.

Note that this new entity (tentatively called Polyamory NSW) will not replace or take over Sydney Polyamory. It will act alongside it, and will provide some legal protection for activities run by Sydney Poly.

- Tom, Stu, Nina, Nigel, Neridah, Jenny, Damon, Chryl, Chris F, Chris C
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