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Aug. 19th, 2013 @ 12:43 pm Polyamory NSW Association Constitution for review.
Polyamory NSW Association Constitution for review.

Heya all. Polyamory NSW Association 2nd working group meeting went well in June 2013. Apologies we did not post an update at the time (winter hibernation effect).
There were six people. We discussed the Model Constitution (the standard used by most associations), and we discussed key parts from the Co-Op Act to include in the Model Constitution.
There were a number of follow-up things to do. First was a review of initial draft of constitution by people at meeting, getting ready for public review: so here it is:-

For reference, key points are -
- complies with Associations Incorporation Act 2009
- includes a principles statement (inspired by Co-operatives Act 1992)
- is voluntary association without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination
- enacts democratic control
- supports autonomy and independence (in agreements with other parties)
- supports education, training and information sharing by and within the group
- supports cooperation with other groups
- supports concern for the community
- recognises financial year end at 30 June
- and
- low cost financial membership
- one vote per financial member
- members lived 1 month or more in last 5 years in NSW
- members inactive after 3 yrs unfinancial
- a non-hierarchical committee
- committee member serve only two years in a row
- no shares
- ⅔ of total membership vote yes for special resolutions
- all member signed document constitutes a general resolution
- general meetings require a minimum of 5 members
- grievance procedure involves mediation

Have fun reading through, or asking questions of someone who has. Notes of the 1st and 2nd meetings are available on request.

(Damon www.facebook.com/Polyamory ~ 0438898183) or Neridah (neridahllewellyn@gmail.com ~ www.facebook.com/neridahl ~ 0405803722)
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There were a number of follow-up things to do First was a review of initial draft of constitution by